The faculty of St Josephs College consists of researchers of high repute both in the sciences and the social sciences. Most of the members of the faculty in all the departments hold Ph.D.’s and continue their research actively. Articles are regularly published in high-end journals.

A unique facet of research activities in the College is the inter-departmental initiatives for continued research. This has led to an inter-disciplinary approach by fusing knowledge streams of various disciplines in exciting ways.

The College has many major and minor research programs running actively at the moment and is a recognized Research Centre affiliated to Bangalore University. Presently there are 13 Ph.D. guides and 19 research scholars working under them. Faculty members have obtained their doctoral degrees from their research work carried out at prestigious institutes, such as IISc, IITs in India, and in foreign universities as well.

Around 57 research papers in national and international journals have been published by faculty members in the last 5 years.